Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2,000 Years of History Still Lies Unexplored

Archaeological survey of India (ASI) discovery of the midway and the Centre also has not issued the funds.

Fund shortages and gross indifference is a potential tourist spot has put paid to the development of.

Mirzapur district archaeological findings in Kondapur Board Kotagadda remains of Hampi in Karnataka can be as important. But the archaeological survey of India (ASI) has been left in the way of exploration is being left unused and even a potential tourist destination, resulting in money is not released.

Satavahana dynasty 2000 years of history can throw light on the ASI is identified and protected by 100 acres to explore, it is believed. Digging under the guidance of Dr.-ji Mahewari, instead of the entire stretch, nearly three acres in 2009-11 was taken by the archaeological survey of India during. The Centre did not release the funds but that cannot be done.

Sangareddy town and district headquarters of Hyderabad, 70 kilometres is located approximately 20 kilometres from the site of its headquarters on the outskirts of 50-acre spread near a huge tank. The ruins of Hampi vijayanagaram Empire site a striking resemblance and properly developed if can attract large numbers of tourists, it is said.

Already the excavation area, with bushes growing all over plastic, cloth and covered with sand. Cover of dig areas is part of security measures, officials say. All around a circular structure with rectangular cells, a large fire altar and square/rectangular cells with an apsidal structure at the site recently were found during excavations. Lajja Gauri puratattvik remains a plaque, led the way, copper and silver, clay beads, semi-precious stones and glass, open, paste, kaolin and clay human and animal figurines, Iron implements, bone objects, including various metals as coins and terracotta Kondapur according to a report prepared by ASI, brahmi inscriptions with seal.

"The excavation findings based on led and Arikmedu and inscribed, Roman coins, inscribed seal that as Pulamavi securenat and Sri Lanka securenat, Mr. Gutamiputra, Roman Arretine ware, pottery, glass vessels roulette copper coins-Kondapur on settlement 1 century 2 century BC. To be assigned a datable time bracket, "the report says.

The rapid excavation activities for officials as well as need immediate attention from the Central Government.
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