Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Roman-era Discovered in Excavations in Hattusa

A monumental Roman era structure width 20 m and 40 m length Hattusa, the capital city of hitti civilization has been discovered in the excavation.

Hattusa in Assistant Professor Andreas Schachner, according to the head of the dig began in 1906 and 108 for years has been released. He said the current team hatton came to Hattusa demand, but they just didn't focus on a time period. Completion of work this year in the ancient city site in the northern part of the "lower city" is a large structure called to be explored. "This year most of the work of the amazing results we have explored partially Roman era. We fill a gap in the field of science and tourism that reached a structure. We knew that there was a cemetery in the area was where we did not but settlement. We were lucky this year, "Schachner said. He learned this from the arts structure we build in the second century AD "could be built in. Khurasan mortar was used here. So that this area was used for a different function that is seen. We have two coins found here are from, "he said. Schachner also it was not a church excavations, focusing on the discovery of the structure of the Festival said. The size of the area it was a place for various purposes is to collect points. In order to understand the region's cultural monumental structure Schachner progress will fill the gap in our knowledge.
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