Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ensisheim Reguisheimerfeld Tranche 2 (France)

The second installment of the yard in search of Ensisheim Reguisheimerfeld has given new elements particularly interesting.

On the 3.4 hectares excavations, the occupation latenienne continues in the continuity of structures studied during the first installment. Of ditches and barriers delimit the piecemeal protohistoric and holes of a hydrant indicate the presence of granaries and air of buildings related to a farm. A silo has delivered a grinder-and-fro perfectly conserved.

The major element of this second installment is the necropolis gallo-roman development day in the north-east of the land. Several people and a spreading of ceramic bear witness to the vocation of the funeral place. A burial has delivered two fibulas dated the beginning of the reign of Augustus in the middle of the first century of our era.

Clumps of ceramics, certainly related to the funeral banquet that was taking place in the honor of the deceased, are forms of the remnants of pitchers, mugs and plates broken from the second century of our era.

A cremation reveals the use of a wooden box to contain the ashes: the amas bone remains in the form of its container, whereas the latter has completely disappeared. This set during the course of the study will provide essential information on the funeral practices gallo-roman in Alsace.

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